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We are a company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of professional audio equipment, musical instruments, car audio equipment, and electronic products. Thanks to our complete portfolio of brands and products, we offer solutions to all market needs. We provide integral solutions for projects of any size such as cinemas, bars, stadiums, churches, recording studios, shopping centers, educational institutions, etc. We have an extensive and complete distribution network and we have full pre-sale and post-sale support, providing customers throughout all United States and the Caribbean with the necessary full support.


Our company's brands

Since 1991, SKP Pro Audio is a leading industry in design, engineer, and manufacture of professional audio products that guarantee sound reliability and complete satisfaction for sound professionals, musicians, DJs, touring bands and fans. Our product range includes high-performance amplifiers, a growing family of mixers with the perfect combination of features, an amazing line of wired microphones, wireless systems, speakers and Line Array systems.

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We are a manufacturer of products for lighting shows, events, and facilities. We provide comprehensive solutions seeking to simplify implementation and providing the customer with excellent user experience. Thanks to our complete line of products, ranging from LED lighting systems to lasers, any project can be made by SKP Pro Light. We also have an extensive and complete network of technical service and after-sales.

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Novik Neo is a leading brand in professional and commercial audio in North and South America. From its beginnings in Brazil in 1947 Novik Neo growth was marked by its quality and reliability. During the 90s, it became the largest speaker manufacturer in Latin America, focused on building its products with the most advanced technology and features. A few years ago, Novik Neo became essential in creating solutions for Professional Audio in all its areas, backed by its high quality, research, and development that characterize it.

Professional Audio

More than 70 years of professional audio experience

Home Audio

Full range of products for home entertainment

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Since 1989, B52 has constantly evolved to offer the most innovative car audio and safety products. We have become one of the fastest-growing car audio brands in the world, with a presence in more than 36 countries. Our headquarters are based in the United States from where we manage our international network. All our new lines have been developed to meet the most versatile applications, with the highest quality standards.

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Probass is a leading brand in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of professional audio products that guarantee the complete satisfaction of our users. Based on the high quality of our products, we are constantly growing. This leads us to increase our product range which includes a complete family of speakers that you can find in different materials, designs, and accessories with the perfect combination of features, high-performances amplifiers, an amazing line of Wired and Wireless Microphones, Mixers and much more.

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Installation Projects

Sound quality and speech comprehension are the most important factors for the success of the installation of electro-acoustic systems in public buildings like churches, airports, railway stations, conference systems, auditoriums, and stadiums. Someco America has decades of experience and the best engineers to carry out any project.

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Adress - 7630 NW 25th St #1, Miami, FL 33122
Phone - (305) 436-8019